Edward 40 Hands

Why this is a Parent Fail:
Because they’re teaching the kid how to play Edward 40-hands when he’s like 4 years old. For all of those who did not know what Edward 40-Hands is (like me):

Edward Fortyhands (also known as 80 Ounces to FreedomThe 40 Challenge) is a drinking game in which each player duct tapes a 40-ounce or 1.14 liter bottle of alcohol (usually malt liquor, but sometimes ciderscrumpy, or wine) to each of their hands and may not remove them until they’re consumed.[1] The name is a reference to Edward Scissorhands. The game was played on the episode “The Naked Truth” of How I Met Your Mother and in the episode “Super Milo” of Men at Work.

Via Good ol Wikipedia

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