Georgia’s Anti-Obesity Ad Campaign

Many of the photos and videos posted on Parent Fail are viewer submitted and may not be what I would always consider a fail. I do however believe that obesity and especially childhood obesity is a fail. I myself have always struggled with my weight and weighed almost 300 lbs at one time. I through proper diet and exercising lost all that weight. My son started to have the same problems when he was about 11 and he was showing signs of being obese. I immediately starting working with him about making proper nutrition choices and exercising. While many parents with obese children feel threatened by this campaign that Georgia is doing, I think it is great. Being Obese and not exercising is putting yourself or your children at risk of death from so many preventable disorders. It is scientific fact that being overweight and inactive leads to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other auto immune disorders. Parents have to be responsible for the health of their children. It is their job and duty.